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This webpage centers on the many visible manifestations of skin disorders.  The various links to on-line sources of photoimages thereby provide an excellent opportunity to associate the skin diagnosis to its visible appearance in a variety of presentations.  For example, a wart has multiple appearances, not just one.  Hives consist of multiple types and have multiple forms, such as annular, gyrate, macular (flat), papular (raised), hemorrhagic, etc.  Since all of the various appearances a skin condition might have, one appreciates quickly that dermatology can be a difficult specialty to master.  Because this is an informational and educational website only, it does not provide medical treatment or advice.  Click (Disclaimer/Terms of Use) and (Photocredits) for details.


Diagnostic Photoimages  (Start here first before going to the other links below.  Click on the photos contained
  in Your Diagnosis  to test yourself or to just become acquainted with examples of common dermatoses as
  well as some difficult skin disorders.  Place the cursor over each photo to enlarge it) 

About Dermatology    (Start with Conditions to find a particular skin problem)

DermAtlas     (Locates a skin condition by diagnosis, category, and body site)

DermNet    (Opens on the Images page.  Go to Home page for overview)


Hellenic Dermatologic Atlas

Captain Cutaneum  (A magazine approach to outreach to the public about skin cancer)



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