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This webpage provides various linked sources to gain an appreciation of the history of dermatology.  The medical profession is indebted to the many scientists engaged in dermatology research, clinical dermatology, and in academic dermatology who dedicated their life time in the study and the advancement of knowledge regarding the largest organ and protector of the body---our skin.  Because this is an informational and educational website only, it does not provide medical treatment or advice.  Click (Disclaimer/Terms of Use) and (Photocredits) for details. 


The History of Dermatology

The History of Dermatology Society  (Click on Zacon Lecture & Prize, and Bibliography to learn about
   famous dermatologists of the past)

European Dermatologists   (Click on English version.  Browse the links to appreciate the details of this website)

Prominent American Dermatologists

   A special tribute is given here to a very respected
  and great dermatologist, who was my mentor, my
  teacher, my research director, and above all, who
  has been an inspiration to me throughout my career. 
  This Internet Library of Dermatology is dedicated in
  memory of him.
                                             Thomas A. Cortese, Jr., M.D., Ph.D.

Marion B. Sulzberger, M.D. 
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