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Informed patients are better equipped to make decisions regarding their health and well-being.  For your personal use, this website will strive to provide an ongoing array of educational topics along with links to other websites for more detailed information.  These Topics & Links will be dedicated to this webpage, and Topics alone are conveniently placed on the left lower side of each webpage page throughout ths website under the title of PATIENT EDUCATION.  Browse through these topics to learn more about skin problems which might be of interest to you.  Because this is an informational and educational website only, it does not provide medical treatment or advice.  Please click the (Disclaimer/Terms of Use) link for details and for (Photocredits).

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Patient Education
...              Topics                                            Links To: Acne                           (More About Acne) Healthy Skin               (More About Healthy Skin) Moles (Nevi)                 (More About Moles) Psoriasis                    (More About Psoriasis) Perils of Dry Skin       (More About Dry Skin) Rashes                       (Mayo Clinic Slide Show) Rosacea                     (All About Rosacea) Skin Cancers             (More About Skin Cancer) Warts                          (More About Warts) Wrinkles                     (More About Wrinkles)

Skin Cancers
...Skin cancers are generally curable if caught early...

Lumps, Bumps, and Cysts
... Dermatofibromas Characteristics Red, brown or purple growth; generally benign Usually found on arms and legs Feels like a hard lump Can be itchy, tender to the touch and sometimes painful Treatment Usually does not require treatment Most common removal by surgical excision or cryotherapy (freezing it off with liquid nitrogen) Epidermoid Cysts (Sebaceous Cysts) Characteristics Round small bumps, usually white or yellow Forms from blocked oil glands in the skin Most commonly appear on the face, back, neck, trunk and genitals Usually benign; occasionally leads to basal or squamous cell skin cancers If infected, will become red and tender Can produce a thick yellow, cheese-like discharge when squeezed Treatment Antibiotics might be prescribed if there is an underlying infection Dermatologist removes the discharge and the sac (capsule) that make up the walls of the cyst to prevent recurrence Laser surgery may be used for sensitive areas of the skin, like the face Folliculitis Characteristics Red pimples around areas having hair Inflammation of the hair follicles Caused by infection or chemical or physical irritation (e...

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